Each and every human in the world does not get equal opportunities or have an easy life. Every journey is different & unique. This book written & illustrated by Yuyi Morales @yuyimorales . In which she shares about her journey from Mexico to USA in 1994. 

The hard ships which she faced as an immigrant in a country where she does not know the widely spoken language to communicate. This children’s book with simple words to read with great strong hardships behind and powerful illustrations is ‘MUST’ for every immigrant house hold be it, living in any part of world.

Through this book author tells readers that it’s really okay to make mistakes as it’s a part of learning in new land. 

She tells readers about the power of reading which helped her and her son to survive in new land of opportunities. A land which welcomes immigrants!  She with power of language started to share & voice out the feeling and struggles of un heard dreamer voices! 

I was not able to completely make VZ (who is just 4.5 years ) understand- the complete meaning or the struggle which the dreamers face in this country.  ( here I am not highlighting about undocumented immigrants- but just the struggle moving from one country to another ). My daughter was able to understand that reading books can help one to speak up & share one’s thought . I would recommend this book, to some extent for 4.5 year old and with in deep meaning for kids at-least 6 years old and above.

‘Must’ to be read book even for adults too to understand the struggles of dreamers as their journey in USA  is not easy !! This books has received – Pura Belpre Award – award basically given to Latino / Latina writer whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth. 

Thankful for my local library for sourcing this treasure book which has to reach a lot of minds to create greater impact.

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