The Blue Elephant

This book is written by Vidya Varadarajan @vidyavaradarajanofficial illustrated by Zainab Tambawalla @zainabtambawalla.

This is an amazing story about a little girl and her imaginary elephant friend
whom she hides in her room. She comes with a lot of ideas to take care and play with her friend. Intially she enjoyed company of blue elephant but started to fear as elephant started to grow little by little. At end elephant occupied the entire room and a surprise happened at end!!

My daughter loves elephants and her first toy was a blue elephant, we spoke a lot about her baby toy and read this book nearly ten times for past few days.

This book is a perfect bedtime story for kids. Kids are their imagination are endless. Author has made little readers to think to imagine a lot!

Illustrator beautiful pictures has added more happiness to kids thoughts!

We also did a coloring bookish activity of an elephant, my daughter colored elephant both blue and pink (her favorite color)

Can be purchased from India – Amazon website 

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