Under My Hijab

Written by Hena Khan @henakhanbooks Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel @aaliyamj

Every religion has a special origin , their way of dressing , their way of praying everything is unique & different. While we learn to respect various religions trying to teach about different religions is much needed for kids. While trying to travel everyday kids ask ‘n’ no of questions it’s very much important for parents to help them with correct answers.

This book was perfect for VZ to understand more about head coverings hijab – worn by Muslim women & girls. Author has shared about a little girl how she observes on women in her family & around her.

She admires the way how her grandmother, mom, aunt , teacher , sister & cousin carry different types of hijab which they like which goes with the dress they wear. She observes how women around her wear hijab do their daily work & how they are casual flaunting their hair while at home or around her. Little girl shares her happiness being around women in her life who are wearing hijab and how she herself

My best friends wear hijab from my school days, I have learnt & understood the importance of religion so much through them. I wanted to make sure VZ understands the beliefs of different religions as such.

Illustrations are focused on women from different ethnicity so kids can relate with women who they meet around.

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