My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

No Battery required, sturdy wooden toy.

One of the best toy which helps in fine motor skills, free play, colorful & engaging.  Finding right toy without batteries are tough!

About this toy – Experience:

I got this busy town wooden cube when my daughter was around 18 months. She was playing with this toy until she was around 36 months. 

She used to be engaged with this toy for like 45 mins to 60 mins a day during early days which gradually reduced to 20-30 mins a day when this toy was rehomed. The cube as the name says has six different faces / sides, with 5 sides and a hollow base. Babies can stand upright holding the cube.

 Great for kids – who can sit alone (parental – supervision needed), Or Perfect for kids from 15 months and above.

Activities in Alex cube –

Side 1 – AtoZ Alphabets are painted with respective object or alphabet with four shapes .

(6*5 = 30 tiles- rotatable tiles ) – all painted (nontoxic paint )

Side 2 – pictures of helper people around us with open and close door activity – on four jobs and people – baker ; mailman , fireman and doctor

Side 3 – 2 piece – 3 sides triangle puzzle – connect / match animals and insects

Side 4 – vehicles and zig zag – cross motion – vehicles

Side 5 – top activity – 3 set curvy bead path – with different loop path for colored wooden beads – with a base colored with home, animals and a park.

This cube fits for ages 12 months upto 48 months. If you’re a fan of a battery less educative toy for your little one this cube is a wonderful gift.


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