Malala ‘s Magic Pencil

Biographic story written by Malala Yousafazai @malala and illustrated by @kerascoet_

This book is about collection of real life incidents of Malala Yousafazai. She talks about the magic pencil which she wish to have, through which she can do a lot of positive changes around. Initially she shares the list of wishes of a teen age girl wishes to get for her family.

After a while she starts noticing things around her home, in her city and felt that not all girls are getting education. She enquired to her father regarding inequality around. She wished she can help girls around so everyone gets right to go to school.

Age recommendations- for kids age 4.5 years and above

She wanted to help on multiple things which is stopping girls from getting education war, poverty, hunger so that girls will be treated equally!

She started studying more, was working hard to make sure she is getting educated. She shares her struggles which she faced while continuing her education.

She wanted her voice to be hearer so every girl is educated. Hence she started to write her story on how she enjoyed the joy of going to school and how she got noticed by people around.

 She still writes shares her journey and inspires a lot of people around. She realized they the magic pencil which she was looking in her childhood was her writing!

The illustrations are so soft which kids can read, understand and connect. This book is must read for kids around to understand the worth of education which they are receiving which is not actually accessible to a lot of kids around the world!


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