Sustainable Living – Teja shares her learning curve

I became a mother not when I held her in my arms for the first time in the labor room but when I inquisitively enquired about the nature of fabric in which she was wrapped during her first photoshoot. That very day, I noticed a mental shift in me only to brush it off at that moment as an animal instinct that humans have when it comes to protecting their progeny.

Days later when I was still in my 40-day postpartum confinement/healing period, I stumbled upon an article in newspaper explaining about bumble bee extinction and its link to disruption in food chain and its adverse effects on future generations. This piece of information triggered a myriad of emotions in me, as what the future holds for my just born and if I can control any of it at all. This time, it was clear that it’s not just an animal instinct but something more to it. It was a new mom anxiously trying to get the entire future of her newborn sorted. Its that anxiety, that planted the seed of sustainable living in my head. I slowly started making one tiny change at a time not bothering about the very little effect it will have. It evolved from water conservation to reducing plastic usage to becoming a conscious consumer in my own lil way.  

When it comes to celebrating events related to my lil munchkin, I try to be more mindful of my carbon footprint. I believe that occasions celebrating these little souls should not constitute any practices that might harm their future well-being. Hence, in the last 3 years, we ditched balloons that are symbolic for bdays and switched to ecofriendly alternatives like PomPom banners. Other sustainable measures taken were reusable cutlery and a plant as a party favour. For the most recent quarantine bday, we put up a jute banner outside the home, on which her name was sewed with basket reed.

 Having said that, I also believe that leading a sustainable lifestyle is not a “one shoe that fits all” story. Its a personal journey just like mine. There are lot of social, economic, physical and mental barriers which may or may not be conquered right away. We only gotta educate n inspire in a positive way while respecting others’ choices.


In Picture : Teja

About Author: 

Teja is an ex-Clinical research professional. She is currently soaking in motherhood raising her two beautiful daughters in PNW.  Before moving to US, she worked in the health-tech sector for 6 years and took a break to start her own clothing label for the love of fashion. Her initial days of work in the field of fashion made her realize the negative impact of fast fashion on the planet. This pushed her to move towards slow fashion and advocate it at every possible chance.

 In her free time, Teja writes about sustainable living and conscious consumerism on her Instagram handle @theconsciousdesi .

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