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I graduated as a Naturopathic Physician / Iyarkai Maruthuvar / BNYS from M.G.R Medical university in 2003, with the excitement to serve the community and implement the Drugless modalities of healing. My journey continued under the guidance of experienced mentors in Full Fledged Naturopathy Hospitals, Exclusive Ayurvedic Hospitals and Multi speciality hospitals in Salem, Madurai and Bangalore along with my own Private Practice.
After moving to USA with my partner and the little one, life was overwhelming here without the support system. I decided to take a break, but it didn’t stop me from learning. My inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge led me to do several courses in Health & Nutrition, I will share a few here.
  • Impact on Ultra Processed foods on our health mentored by Ms,Vani Hari-USA.
  • Learned about the Importance of Traditional Farming ;explored the impact of toxic chemical Fertilizers on our Health & Wellbeing.
  • Took several courses about Ancestral wisdom of eating practices from Weston A price Foundation.
  • GAPS Diet by Ms, Natasha Cambell Mcbride – Role of Diet in Autism and Mental Health.
  • Hormone Mastery from Kharrazian Institute of Functional Nutrition-USA
In 2015 I decided to pursue my career in the field of Nutrition.
In 2017 I graduated with a Two year Certification in Dietetics ,Food & Nutrition from Central Arizona University.
In 2018 I Graduated as a Integrative Nutritionist from IIN (USA) -1 year certification .
With all the expertise and experience that I have; founded Health Support 360; our virtual clinic in 2018.
Health support 360 offers
  • Nutritional coaching sessions.
  • Holistic care for autoimmune disorders.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Anxiety ,depression, behavioral issues and AUTISM spectrum disorder.
  • Workshops for public and practitioners.
  • Therapeutic Yoga sessions both 1 on 1 & group sessions.
I share my client success stories.Talk about various medical conditions and natural modalities of healing.

Since I have had the opportunity to work with women of different ages and walks of life.I realized that the cases of Poly cystic ovarian disease, Unexplained Infertility, Thyroid disorder and issues around pregnancy & delivery in women  skyrocketed.

This whole scenario led me to upgrade myself in fertility based  awareness methods to guide with natural conception and to interpret Hormonal Health in women without the side effects of drugs and medical intervention. I started using techniques like
  • Visualization
  • Guided imagery techniques.
  • Emotional freedom Technique.
  • Massage therapy and bodywork
  • Fertility Charting.
  • Womb Healing
I started seeing remarkable improvements in the overall health in women & significant impact in trauma release.

Upgraded version of me started insisting and endorsing the preventive aspect of health among women.

When we shop for something it always comes with a user’s manual, but we Human beings have lost the wisdom & art of living our ancestors curated and passed on to us with their own trial & error method.

Thirumoolar in his thirumanthiram refers our body as” ullam perunkovil oon udambu aalayam”, signifying the importance of health with respect to the human body, prioritizing health.

Here at Health Support 360 we give you the blueprint for our health & wellness, through right lifestyle choices, clean eating, connecting with Nature and coping up with stress, leaving you resilient.

Our body every moment is reformulating, regenerating and re-organising itself towards health and harmony.Our job is to support the body with the right tools and techniques.

In Picture – Dr. Pavithra Malli

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Dr. Pavithra Malli BNYS, is an Holistic Nutritionist and Hormone Specialist.  She lives in Texas with her family.

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