Ramadan- Islam Culture Books

Talking about various religions and faith with kids will help them to understand more about people around them.

Growing up with my close friends belonging to Islam faith and VZ also has friends who are following Islam religion.  

This helps us with conversations much easier on the type of dress which they wear, about holy Koran , fasting – holy month and so on.
Below are the books which we are reading last few days.

Rashad’a Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr – written by Lisa Bullard & illustrated by Holli Conger @holliconger

Like the Moon Loves the Sky : written by Hena Khan @henakhanbooks & illustrated by Saffa Khan

Crescent moon and Pointed Minarets – written by Hena Khan @henakhanbooks & illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini

Cloth Fabric toys contains Illustrations from Sailaja Parthiban @digidesignhub_20

Fabric Toy – @creative_puppetz

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