Passion, Challenges & Opportunities to Grow – Madhu Challa shares on how things helped

The past couple of years has been hard on all of us. There is the never-ending sight of challenges. Whether its pandemic, inflation, or supply chain issues. 

I am sure you will agree that much unlearning and learning has happened in our lives over the past few years. I can most certainly say that this is true for moms and moms who run their businesses. We had been everything for everyone while trying to be something for ourselves.

As a mom and a small business owner of Pretty Pokets, I faced challenges in every way possible during the pandemic time. If you are a  solopreneur, you know that you do everything in your business. I do and did everything from marketing to social media to sales! There were multiple times when I felt like I had hit a dead end. Every day was a go big or go home kind of day. I came across every possible problem. From low revenue to inventory issues to restocking delays to tight cash flow! You name it!

But thankfully, I kept going, and somehow the people, the money, and the support showed up. We launched not one product line during a pandemic but four product lines and our revenue grew 6x compared to the previous year. 

We heard of great resignation. More and more people are leaving their workforces to find something meaningful. If you are working on something or planning to start something, I encourage you to start now. There was never a better time, and there never will be one. The moment you decide its time, it is correct.

When I looked back and reflected, I could see that I was able to face all the challenges and take care of my family because I loved my work. Because of my passion for my work, my everyday issues started to look more like opportunities than obstacles. Knowing that I did not just wish for something but made my idea possible gave me immense pleasure. I don’t have any regrets now. I am already a winner.

As a mom and mom who owns a business, here are some tidbits that I would like to share with you. 


Mindset is everything. Just feed your brain with positive thoughts, articles, and speeches.

Read, Read Read :

Reading is a blessing. Most of us don’t even take a few minutes to read. Reading helps you with your personal growth. Start with a few lines per day and keep it consistent. You will eventually read. I never read a non-academic book until I was 30 years old. In year one, I read one book, year two, I read five books, and now I read at least a book a week! Reading helped me become a better thinker.


Journaling helps you to calm your mind. I wrote my journal regularly. I was not writing every day, but consistent. I wrote about my challenges, thoughts, and how grateful I am for everything. Writing helps you think.


If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. I have not seen anyone in my family or friends use a planner. None. If we are not planning, we just get caught up in putting off everyday fires. You don’t need a fancy planner. Something as simple as a notebook will work. You can get creative and develop a planner that works for you. You can check out my blog post on making a DIY planner on our website.

Take Baby Steps:

success means taking the next step. It is all about taking one small step towards what you “wish for” and keeping going no matter what happens. Eventually, when this wish becomes a reality, you will understand what success is, even if that wish is simple, like learning to drive a car(which is often challenging for many people). Do what works for you and enjoy the process.


Live a Life of Priorities:

One cannot achieve a work-life balance. To me, the word work-life balance somehow implies perfection. In reality, one cannot achieve perfection. What we do have, is the power of choice and prioritization. Through prioritization and intention, we can achieve a sense of gratification in our lives. I embraced the fact that life will be chaotic and challenging every day, and if I want to do anything for myself, I have to do it amidst all the chaos. 


Know What You Don’t Want To Do :

Knowing what you don’t want to do will help you find what you want. Good things take time, and one has to be patient, positive, and prepared to persevere through all the challenges and opportunities that one’s dream brings.

Remember, its always about your journey. We can read and learn as much as we can from others. But you are the caption of your ship called Life. Only you would know the ins and out of it. No one can and will ever be able to tell you what to do and what not to do.


So go ahead live a life of priorities. Don’t be overwhelmed. Try to keep it simple. The wheel has already been invented. Just roll with it. Just keep pushing yourself. 


Listen, Learn, and Leap.

In Picture  – Madhu Challa and her family

In Picture – Madhu Challa

About the Author :

Madhu Peruri , did her Masters in United States and she worked in Intel Corporation for more than ten years before starting her blog Vimaneaa

During this break from IT industry she was exploring ideas, that’s how her brain child Pretty Pokets was launched.


Awards: Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag is the winner of multiple awards like Baby Retailer Magazine “2020 Top Choice Award” in the Diaper Bag Category, Creative Child Magazine “2020 Product of the Year Award” in the Baby Travel Aids Category and was also recognized by popular media platforms like BuzzFeed, POPSUGAR, Bay Area Parents, etc. The bag was also the finalist of the 2019 Eco-excellence awards. 

How it started?

Website  : Pretty Pokets 

Instagram : @prettypokets


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