internationalmotherlanguageday – About Sourashtra Language

Coming from a family who speak Sourashtra as their mother tongue not a widely spoken language across Tamil Nadu, India . I used to be only Sourashtra speaking girl in my class sometimes in my whole school! 

Growing and understanding the importance of my mother tongue I understood that my language was preserved across generations. I was thinking my language has no scripts , thanks to technology. I started to read more articles about the scripts of Sourashtra language and various volunteer organizations formed by Sourashtra speaking people who are working hard to to connect with rest others so this language is not lost , yes there are less than 1,000,000 sourashtra speaking people across the globe! ( to my knowledge) . 

Even while living away from India Sourashtrains are working hard so the language is not lost , various volunteer associations are formed through which people are helping out each other. 

We as family talk in Sourashtra at home so VZ also speaks in the same language but she is not as much fluent in Sourashtra as she is in English. Our associations have come up with virtual classes and volunteer teachers – kids from ages 5 have virtual classes which helps kids to stay connected with their roots. 

Languages can be preserved only if it’s practiced everyday.

We migrate to various countries due to studies / work. This should not stop one’s self or their family from practicing their mother language else the language may be lost !

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