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Bingo Game – sanskritikreations

Bingo Game  and it’s purpose : 

It involves so much of concentration when we are playing a Bingo game. The habit of playing Bingo game helps to improve concentration , memory skills – improvement and provides positive ways to interact with people whom you play around. 

This process in turn helps in increasing happiness around !!

Ganesha Chathuti Bingo Game : 

Richa Ramani from  @sanskritikreations has designed this Bingo game based on Ganesh Chathurti festival. This game contains all the elements / characters connected to the Divine power of Lord Ganesha. This is a pdf file available in her Etsy store which you can download and play multiple times. 

She has explained the rules of the game clearly , so a person with no prior knowledge playing Bingo also can learn playing. 

About the game –

This PDF file comes with six Bingo picture cards and 50 pictures which in turn matches with the cards.

This game is great for kids from ages 4 and above.

We tried playing this game as a family, where myself tried calling pictures from iPad acrobat reader. My daughter and my husband where trying to find the elements / characters to call Bingo house.

As a family we love planning bingo during get together with friends and relatives back in India. But this is the first time we played cultural Bingo. VZ learnt a lot of new traditional words and practices when we played this game together as a family !

Playing together as a family helps kids so much and brings a lot of happiness in them.

@sanskritikreations Thank you so much for sharing this game with us 😊

Disclaimer: all above points mentioned are my opinions and personal experience in playing and learning from this game!

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