Magna tiles – BCP Toy

I wanted to buy magna tiles for VZ for a while. But read a lot of bad reviews everywhere that few of these toys of bad quality breaks and kids ingest magnets ( small babies , big kids sometimes) 

So VZ was introduced to magna tiles when she was around 3.5 years and she loves this toy to the core.

Open ended toys are always a lot of fun. Leaving kids with open ended toys helps them to learn, create their own world which has a lot of mistakes, but they end-up learning from their mistakes.

This toy is of extremely great quality which does not crack or break ! She builds big rockets which collapses on tables or floor ( we are in carpet home) still holds good ! (purchased this toy nearly 2 years back and it’s still great)

With expensive tiles in market this toys is less than $45 for 100 pieces which is really worth!!

Age recommendations : 3 plus year old kids


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