Nani’s Walk to Park

Written by Deepa Balsavar @deepabalsavar published by Pratham books @pratham.books and this book has been listed under Parag Honour List of 2020 year.

In this book author shares about evening walk snippets of grandmother & her grandson , through which we can realize how beautiful the world is when we start finding happiness in every small things which we come across everyday life. Nani’s grandson Venki wants to accompany her for evening walk rather going to park directly ( shorter route) , Nani takes walk around various streets around her home. Her inner soul is full with happiness with happenings & excitement which she comes across different streets. She has named different lanes around her home as lane of treasures , lane of beauty, lane of happiness, lane of mischief , lane of friendship, lane of dreams , lane of magic & finally enjoy cool breeze in shade under the tree in park.

Author has taken readers to world of excitement & emphasizes on being thankful & getting happiness from small things around. Illustrations are massive with so much detailing of living / non living presence with connection of each environment.

Special mention about the huge map of the society or street map of location of Nani’s home.

Available – internationally through Tokabox

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