Dealing with kid’s emotions – Covid Era

Came up with this write up during early-Covid Era

VZ was used to going to school for 3 hours a day for more than 18 months until Covid-19 hit.

Due to the covid crisis  we are forced to be at home so as kids. This is the safest measure which we are following. Most kids are not used to being at home.

Parents who are in healthcare sector and essential workers have to send  their kids  to day care from 8am to 6pm, these kids routine  is not affected to some extent but fear of covid will be in minds of parents and young kids.

For kids at home :

As we have no extra activities, everywhere everything is shut. To cross these days we need a proper schedule as a family.

Kids have most energy at morning time (or 2-3 hours after they wake up) – to drain their energy plan for simple activities at home. 

Make sure your entire living space is with less obstacles. Work on activities together like exercise, dancing, throwing ball etc. If you initiate and be with kids for like 15 mins they themselves will keep them engaged with parental supervision ( as space in home is small – more injuries may happen)

They will be hungry so will end up eating breakfast or lunch properly. If you’re a working mom, make sure plan your kids’ reading schedule- next one hour after games they have less physical energy, this is time to work on craft activities/ reading. Keep your work space near kid always!

Make sure at least 3-4 toys are outside (near your working desk) and rotating helps so do they won’t be bored. There are a lot of virtual free / paid activities conducted by experts around the world in different fields, connecting with those groups helps too.

Get a schedule printed and give points the your kids as screen time or toys or books (strictly no candies to encourage good behavior)

If kids end of being bored please allow screen time for a while to maintain your sanity. Kids are also emotionally hurt during this lockdown, we have to acknowledge their feelings too.


All the above points will be achieved only when you keep cooking part as less burden. Plan for great meals once in 2-3 days, convince your family for simple food alternate days. If you cook all three meals you will end up spending more time in kitchen than with your kids!


So plan wisely and have family time at maximum during this lock down.

Don’t get stressed on checking pictures online! It hurts pictures in Instagram and Facebook are always few seconds snippets of each person’s life so don’t get deceived!


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