Yasmin series

Written by Saadia Faruqi @saadiafaruqi, Illustrated by Hatem Aly 

Lovely heart warmth series involving key characters – Yasim, her Mama & Baba (dad)Author is sharing a lot of positive views / impact to kids through Yasmin, character. These stories can be connected to day to day incidents happening in everyday life.

Sharing briefly about each book:

Yasim – The Explorer: When Yasim is lost and how she joins back with her mom.

Yasmin – The Painter: Yasim does not know to paint yet, she tries to win a contest.

Yasmin – The Builder: Confused Yasmin, thinking what to build ends up building a bridge connecting buildings which her friends design.

Yasmin – The Gardener: Worried on why her plants are withering, Yasmin is doing various measures to safe guard her plants.

Great for ages – 4 years and above

Yasmin – The Cook: Being a helper to help her mom and dad clean house, cook dishes for guests who are coming home.

Yasmin – The Zoo Keeper: Being kind and considerable to animals during her school trip.
Yasmin – The Writer: Not sure what to write for her school essay, later wrote about her mom as her role model.
Yasim – The Friend: Friends not ready to play together rather each person is occupied with toys which they have. She comes up with idea to make sure all play together.

Reading about multicultural books helps kids to understand, respect other cultures and tradition. These books teaches kids above inclusiveness and helps them to appreciate every human around. Author has included ‘Think About it, Talk About it’ at end of each book. 

These set of questions gives kids a chance to think how they will react in during particular situation, similar to one Yasmin has faced.

My daughter is actually enjoying this series of books for past one month. Thank you VZ tried covering her head, to recreate how Yasmin’s mom dresses in hijab.

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